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released March 13, 2016

Written by Cameron Gillette



all rights reserved


Ambits Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Offspring
Verse 1
I don’t understand why I feel this way
Offspring’s syllables cut just like a grenade
I can’t let go, I hang on his every word
The piano keys keep banging on that same chord

Where did I go wrong
this must be all my fault
How did it come down to this
My heart so fragile
My weak roots run deep
How did it come down to this

Verse 2
I sought to protect from the sting of the dark outside
to shelter the innocence of ignorance of my child
Yet It seems the damage dealt was so much worse
What is me or just destiny playing out it’s own course

Bridge 1
I like to think I’d do it again differently
But what I know now I didn’t know then
Far too long I’ve been lost in this identity
I don’t forget but release conviction

Bridge 2
Time does help, the healing takes place
But these wounds are still so raw
I Always reflect, but finally forgive
what I didn’t need to blame myself for
The scariest prayer, that I can think
God do whatever you have to do
I Still believe, I’ll never stop my love
Don’t need a rebirth, I want something new