Affirmation and Condemnation

by Ambits

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First demo from Rock Electronic Band Ambits. Mixed and Produced by Cam Gillette, tracked by Chance Bair and Cam Gillette.


released April 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Ambits Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Pirate Paper
My beauty is fleeting and my charm is deceptive
But go ahead this time will be different than before
You know the others I've hurt and scarred
But still you persist even when I tell you now

Stay away, I'm damaged goods
I promise you'll get hurt in time
Sure, look at me and my pretty face
It's just a hook at the end of a line

I say sets your sights higher but you're heart deceives you
My weak pleas do little to convince your pretty innocent mind
Everything is great and perfect it seems
That's how you know what this sin has done to me
Track Name: Waters
The things that used to matter so much, now seem so inconsequential
This message erases the importance of everything else
And I'll do whatever it takes to understand this truth more clearly
Any hardship towards this is worth any price I pay

Bring the pain,
The message is worth any sacrifice
Bring the trial
It's only through fire we are purified

Verse 2
I lose my sight from my goal and begin to worry and fear
I forget the truth of the gospel and the darkness of my past reappears
And I cast my history to the side and remember the oath that I made
My spirit given strength reappears to see beyond the pain

God rip this life apart, to give me eyes to see
Beyond the pleasures of this world
Take anything away, if it blinds me from the truth
Only you the God of the Heavens can give me sight to see
Woah woah, woah woah
Track Name: Blow
Darkness so deep that my light is just a shade of grey
The pleasures I yearned so deeply for are finally here to stay
If I keep my eyes in the moment my life is heaven now
Don't look up, behind or around to see the nothing you've become
My instants and hours filled with happiness and smiles
In turn my years are only destruction-failure cycles
Darkness so deep that my light is just a shade of black
The poison inside my head will never get off my back
If I keep my eyes in the moment my life is heaven now
Don't look up, behind or around to see the nothing you've become
Give me a serving of denial and I'll easily make through the night
Wake up in the morning nothing changed but I'll be, I'll be just fine
My brain reprogrammed to live for me and the high the moment can offer
Filter out the monster you've created the mirror to be
Close! Your! mind to, the darkness all around
Close! Your! eyes, you're halfway in the ground
Chorus 2
If I lift my eyes from the moment, and dare to live for something else
Risk it all on the promise of a savior, Jesus Christ please save me now!
Track Name: Jeshua
Verse 1
I, unfaithful and despicable, God I shame your name
this disgusting pervert crawling back in his failure again
The virus of man runs thick through my blood
My unrighteousness stuck to this body just like skin

Stand up coward!
Be a man and accept the lies that have controlled you
Stand up failure!
Realize and identify your weakness
Stand up liar!
This failure and fall is your's now accept it
Stand up man!
The God of the heavens has given you the strength, now use it!

Verse 2
You have given me strength to defeat temptation but my passive laziness overcomes it all
I take advantage of the grace I heard that you have given to the one's who repent
How can I get there when I am not willing to stand on the string you placed in my heart
I can say no, its time to fight, no longer tolerate my disobedience

Stand up!
Stand up!
Track Name: In Post
Blind to this dark valley, and the invisible chains that bind me tight
Just another sheep in the herd, just another mindless, slave of the night
Oh, The evil of my hands just a manifestation of my poisoned will
Will I ever see freedom will this heart ever, truly be healed

In denial and ignorant of my desperate need of a savior
Just another sheep in the march of death toward satanic slaughter
My patterns begin to prove that I was never really was the one in control
Just another slave of the dark desire, just another of the haunted souls

My knees refuse to bend, for I'm still in love with the evil I hate
Heaven seems so far away, as I finally look behind my face
I so easily joined this world in its path and mournful end
Only from rock bottom can I truly see myself as I really am.

(Speaking Part)
In despair I cry out in desperation, seeing the road of my own
desires leading only deeper into this valley of death. My eyes
swallowed in darkness and dark pleasure, turn to see the but one
straight path, Though difficult and long, littered with those
who've given up, it bares the only escape from the valley. Armed
with only the cold mirror of seeing my true state, I leave my old
master behind towards the only hope that remains

And as the sky begins to fade
and all is made new
Death and pain will pass away
and He will call His chosen few

He has thrown my shame, my sin
To the sea of forgetfulness
And all of the trials that we endured
Cannot compare to this reward

The bondage of our flesh will die
Our heart's desires satisfied
The night is gone for all time
The world lit by saviour's light

Our every need forever met
The entire world now free from death
The God of life will call us forth
We will be His forevermore